Hi! This page provides information on the ongoing projects that I am either leading or collaborating. Also, you can see other projects already finalized. Click on the project’s title for further information!

Ongoing Projects

The Politics of Turncoats. The Origins and Consequences of Defections from the Ruling  Elite in Modern Autocracies [book manuscript]

The Value of Political Connections when Authoritarian Governments fall from Power. Evidence from Malaysia (with Prof. Jennifer Gandhi, Emory University)

Party Origins, Elite divisions and Authoritarian Breakdown (with Dr. Masaaki Higashijima, Tohoku University)

Elite Conflicts and the Distribution of Public Funding to Political Parties (with Dr. Sergiu Lipcean, Dublin City University)

Research affiliate of the “Democracy under Threat: How Education can Save it” project (PI: Prof. Anja Neundorf, University of Glasgow)

Research affiliate of the “The Construction of Political Consensus in Multiparty Politics” project (PI: Prof. Xavier Coller, National Distance Education University)